The god of porn has answered your prayers! Here are the best porn sites of 2020.

I personally made sure they are
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About me - The God of Porn

I am the God of Porn, I have been watching pornography since the stone age, aka when the internet didn't exist. From my years of expertise of watching people fuck, I have decided to create this porn review site. I rank porn sites according to how good they are, in a completely unbiased way. My goal is to recommend for you the porn sites that I enjoy going to, because I know that if I enjoy them, you will too.

All of the reviews on this site are impartial, and are completely my own opinions of the sites mentioned. I write my pure unadulterated thoughts, just as you would expect from someone who reviews porn.

I have personally visited each of the sites I've listed, and checked each of them for their content, their quality, and the safety features they have on the site, to keep their users secure.

All of the sites listed are third-party sites which are not affiliated with me. I do not personally produce, direct, or star in porn. Not yet anyway. If any of you are looking for a stuntcock hit me up.

At present, I am working to compile a giant list of porn sites, bigger than any other site on the internet. My list when complete, will contain well over 50 categories of porn, and will be super focused. You will quickly and easily be able to search for any unique type of porn you crave.

I will also be writing a blog, in which you will be able to find mashups. Some porn is too niche to have many sites. That's where the blog will come in, to fill the gap for niches which are super oddly specific, such as sites dedicated to shaving Japanese women before fucking them.

As you can imagine, the complete list entails thousands upon thousands of erotic sites. That being said, it is a truly monumental task, especially when porn is so damn distracting.

The sites for which the review has been written will have a magnifying glass by the site name. You will be able to click on these icons to read the full review. Until those reviews are complete, you can enter the actual category pages, to read a 2-3 line review of each site. I did my best to summarize as efficiently as possible.

Even when a review is not present, you can rest assured that the sites are still ranked in the order I recommend them. Just because I haven't gotten around to writing the 1,500+ word review, doesn't mean that I haven't looked at the site at all.

You will find that I am constantly updating the content on this site. You can expect to find updates on a near daily basis, so do us both a favor, and bookmark this page for future reference.