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If you got here you're probably a curious beaver with a unqenchable thirst for porn. If my regular God of Porn lists didn't help you find what you are looking for, this is will be my 2nd shot. Here, you will be able to find more specified posts that may be of greater interest to you. I will be covering the best porn sites for different things. Rather than just repeating what the best porn sites are, here you will be able to find the best sites for obscure fetishes, the best sites for specific payment methods, and much more.

Do you get turned on by a hot women wearing a tight fitting rubber outfit? Or are you the kind of perverted fan, who loves to worship at a women's feet? Regardless of your kinks - try out these 6 first-rate sites for fetish cam2cam shows in private.

If you find girls from the Far East irresistibly hot, then have your way with the best Asian cam girls online. Here are 6 world-class sites for Asian cam2cam shows. Oriental girls do everything in private; it's only a myth that they're prim, proper and shy.

If you like fooling around with transsexuals, then go to these popular live porn sites, and play hard. Behold, 6 top rated sites for 2-way video chat with shemales. These babes don't only have boobs, they're also packing extra heat between their luscious legs.

8 Popular Sites for Cam2Cam with Matures

published September 30, 2019

If you get excited by MILFs & older women, then step into these video chat rooms and get totally turned on. Here are 8 first-class sites for mature cam2cam sex shows. Seasoned models have insatiable sexual appetites and get wild 'n wet in private 2-way video chat.

4 Legit Sites for Asian Tranny Porn

published September 23, 2019

When you crave a Thai ladyboy or a tranny from the orient, then here are 4 first-class sites to serve up Asian shemale porn. Included are 2 top adult sites with xxx tgirl movies, plus a couple that cover live video chat. Meet girly Asian shemales now.

For some extreme girls, slipping in 1 or 2 fingers simply isn't enough. They like to go wrist deep. This is a compilation of the net's best fisting porn, and I've included video sites along with live chat. Watch fists up gaping pussy holes & sphincters stretched wide open.

Top 4 Black Tranny Porn Sites

published September 09, 2019

If you want black tgirls, then these are 4 top sites for catching ebony shemale porn. I've detailed 2 leading adult sites for DVDs and videos, and then a couple that cover the live cams angle. Find & watch the hottest gender benders with dark meat.

Best Gay Fetish Porn Sites

published September 02, 2019

If you feel compelled watching innocent twinks being roughed up by burly bears, or you get turned on by men in authority abusing helpless men, here are 10 gay fetish porn sites for you to inspect. Hard-hitting sordid action, featuring men for men.

Tired of average streams and grainy camera feeds? Here are 10 attractive adult sites to give you the best in HD porn. Whether you like your movies in high def (for live streams or downloads), or you've got expensive tastes and like chatting with cam girls in 1080p - these are the sites to satisfy you.

8 Best Amateur Sex Cam Sites

published August 19, 2019

When you're looking to meet girl-next-door webcam models, check out these 8 live porn sites for video chat with amateurs. You'll find a mixture of performers, across all ages and with different looks & appeals - performing in tip-based public shows, and private sex sessions.

Best Mature Sex Cam Sites

published August 12, 2019

Do hot soccer moms and sexy older girls turn you on? Behold, here are 8 amazing live porn sites to watch the hottest mature webcam shows. These are some of the net's top sites to meet and chat with seductive MILFs, attractive cougars and even dominant GILFs.

BDSM & Fetish Webcam Sites

published August 05, 2019

If you're into bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, then here are 10 BDSM cam sites for you to sink your teeth into. These adult chat sites all present with hardcore models, camming from extreme chat rooms - complete with whips, chains, gags, cuffs and rope.

Best Cuckolding Webcam Sites

published July 29, 2019

Cuckold role-playing isn't for everyone, and holds appeal for a niche selection of enthusiasts. If you get off being put in the corner and made to watch, or fantasize about screwing another girl in front of her puny man, then these are 8 top live chat sites for cuckold sex chat.

More and more users are turning to safe cam sites for discreet adult video chat. They have legitimate concerns about the safety of their personal identity as well as payment privacy. Here are 10 reputable sites that present users with safe, secure and discreet sex cams.

Cum Eating Instruction Cam Sites

published July 08, 2019

Cum eating instruction video chat appeals to a select audience. If you relish your own sperm, here are 6 cei live porn sites for you to sample. Find out which among them make the grade, and how to find cum eating instructors on each. Autofellators out there are going to sink their teeth into this one.

There's more to cheap sex cams than meets the eye. Sure, there are live porn sites that feature live sex shows and you never need shell out a dollar for the pleasure. But just how intimate do you think you can get with these babes? Here are 8 live video chat sites reviewed for low-cost sex chat.

Small Penis Humiliation Cam Sites

published June 24, 2019

SPH isn't strictly for guys with a pinky finger for a cock, as there are also guys who get off being made fun of, and who sport respectable-sized manhoods. However, hardcore dominants delight in taking the mickey out of a dinky dick. For your pleasure, here are 6 top live porn sites for small penis humiliation. Read on for details.

Gay Porn Sites That Take Crypto

published June 17, 2019

Virtual cash is probably the most discreet way you can pay for goods and services online. Here are 8 gay porn sites that take Bitcoin or alt coins as payment. Discover something different about each site; find out which cryptocurrencies are accepted; and learn about the value-added benefits you gain, when you sign up as a member.

Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies allow consumers to transact in complete anonymity, making it among the most discreet methods of payment. There are many online stores which accept a range of Altcoins, and I recommend these 6 trans video chat sites, where Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are welcomed. Discover which sites to visit, and learn about projected costs as well as the kinds of shows you can have.

PayPal is a giant for trusted online transactions. It's because Paypal offer users top-level security (for buying or selling goods & services) on the web. Here is a compact list of 4 websites, where you can pay for tranny porn with PayPal. They are mostly live porn sites, though I have also included a content site, for those who are only looking to watch quality movies.

If you've received yet another gift card from any one of America's top retailers, you can either go and shop for something that 'you don't really want' or you can use your Lowe's, Best Buy, Home Depot, Dick's Sporting Goods or any one of 100+ branded gift cards to buy yourself some porn. A number of savvy porn sites have wised up, and now accept prepaid gift cards from America's leading internet and retail chain stores.

There's nothing more satisfying or gratifying on a live porn site, than being alone with a gorgeous girl and a massive boner. I sussed out my list of video chat sites, to see which are the best for cam2cam. On some sites it's for free and on others you need to fork out a little extra. Discover which 10 webcam sites made my list and why, and also learn something new about each of them.

While American Express is synonymous with shopping, not all porn sites or live cam sites accept Amex as a method of payment. I checked in online and scoured the more popular and in demand adult sites to confirm where I can pay for porn using American Express. Find out which 16 made my list, and discover a little bit more about each of them. 

Gay Porn Sites That Take Gift Cards

published April 15, 2019

Gift cards are usually seen as a pain in the ass gift, but there's actually a way to make them an enjoyable pain the in ass. What I am talking about of course, is trading in your gift cards for a membership on gay porn sites. Did the legwork and went to check which of all the gay porn sites on the internet accept gift cards as a payment method. Find out what each of the 8 sites is and what they all have to offer to you as a paying user.

Bitcoin has reached more or less a stable value, meaning that rather than buying it as an investment, it is better to buy it if you actually want to spend it. When looking at things that you can buy with Bitcoin, lesbian porn seems like one of the better options. These are my 4 recommended lesbian porn sites that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Find out what the sites are and what each of them has to offer.

For some reason, some people think it's acceptable to give you a gift card instead of a real present. If you have a bunch of gift cards lying around, that you are never going to use, then it it's time to use them to get yourself some lesbian porn. Each of the sites I have listed offers completely different stuff. Find out which of the sapphic porn sites has the girl on girl pornstars you crave.

Lesbian Porn Sites That Take PayPal

published March 04, 2019

PayPal is undoubtedly the most popular online payment method available today. These are the 6 best lesbian porn sites that accept PayPal. I provided you with a little information about each, so you know what to expect. You will find all types of lesbian porn here, from interracial lesbian porn to fisting lesbian porn.

Use Gift Cards at These Porn Sites

published February 18, 2019

If you have got a gift card from any of the major US retailers, you can go and get yourself another coffee, or book, or some underwear. Or, you can use your Starbucks, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, or any other gift card you have from America's biggest brands, on porn. That's right, porn sites, in their infinite wisdom, have started to make available the option to purchase their services with gift cards from over 100 of the US's top online and brick & mortar stores.

Porn Sites That Accept Bitcoin

published February 04, 2019

More and more porn sites are adding Bitcoin as a payment method. So far, I count these 6 sites among my favorites. Each of them is currently accepting the renowned cryptocurrency. Its seems like the live webcam sites are jumping on board faster than the produced porno sites. In any case, the sites that are now including Bitcoin, are among the best in live porn, and streaming content sites.

Porn Sites That Accept PayPal

published January 21, 2019

These are the top 10 porn sites where you can use PayPal to pay for your membership. I created a very diverse list, which should appeal to most users. I gave a small break down of each site, and discussed what they have to offer. Find out which of the PayPal accepting porn sites suites you and your tastes.

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