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As the God of Porn, is one of my favorite websites. When you go on to the site, you get to choose your preferences. You click on the 3 categories that suit you best, and Brazzers does its best to suit its content for you. Brazzers has worked with over 1,700 porn stars, many of which have multiple scenes. The site has been producing high quality pornographic content since 2005, so you have a lot of porn to catch up on. 

Prices & Payment Options

  • 12 months at $9.99/mo - $119.99 total
  • 3 months at $19.99/mo - $59.99 total
  • 1 month at $29.99/mo - $29.99 total
  • $1.00 a day 2 day trial - $2.00 total

All of the memberships will automatically renew at the same cost and for the same amount of time, with the exception of the trial membership. The trial membership renews at $39.99 per month until canceled. If you go with the trial membership and intend to continue, we recommend cancelling the subscription and choosing a new one.

The trial membership gives you limited access and does not allow downloading. While trial members are limited to streaming, users who pay for the full membership can download as much as they want. The internet is rife with stories of users with several terabytes worth of Brazzers videos on their hard drives and solid state drives.

Your payment options are Mastercard, Visa, Cryptocurrency, Check, and PayGarden (Gift cards). The availability of the payment methods will depend on where you location, so some might be missing out, depending on where you live. The prices may also change, according to your location.

Quality of Porn

Brazzers has the highest quality porn. The porn stars are hot, the video quality is in full HD, and the script writing is surprisingly decent. The site has employed over 2,000 different porn stars, with new models constantly being added. Brazzers most popular porn stars are currently Monique Alexander, Madison Ivy, and Rachel Starr. They have each performed in over 60 scenes.

Overall, you will find that the action on Brazzers provides a highly satisfying solution to your erection.

The porn shoots are done in beautiful locations, with hot babes, hung men, and jaw-dropping fucking action.

Types of Porn

When you join Brazzers you gain access to 30+ Brazzers affiliated sites. Between them, you are exposed to a fuck ton of high quality fap material. At present, Brazzers divides up their porn according to 27 different categories. These categories include Asians, Ebonies, lesbians, big asses, rough sex, gangbang, and even parody porn. I am not going to list out everything because that would be ridiculous, so I really suggest going to the site and checking for yourself exactly what they have.

Brazzers seems to specialize mainly in big tit porn, interracial porn, parody porn, mature porn, and barely legal teen porn. That doesn't mean that they don't have other things. As I mentioned, you will see videos based on the preferences that you told the site you have.

To find videos outside of the three initial preferences you choose, you will need to utilize one of the many methods of searching for videos.

As a whole, it seems that Brazzers prefers mainly porn stars with fake tits and fake lips, rather than the more natural porn stars. If you are a fan of the bolted on tits, bimbos, and blonde bombshells, you are going to fall in love with this site.

Content & Update Frequency

There are currently well over 8,500 HD videos on Brazzers. Pretty much every video uploaded has its own picture sets to go along with it. The picture sets are currently including 1,522 high quality pictures per video. New videos are uploaded every day. Since there are over 30 sites, you will find that there are updates on a few of them every day. The sites don't each upload a new video each day.

At present, the Brazzers network seems to be uploading two new videos each day. You get 14 new videos each week. Considering that the average video length on the site is over 30 minutes, that's well 7 hours worth of material to tame your snake. You can actually click to view their release schedule. You can always tell what the next 8 videos will be. You are provided with the details of the title of the videos, the porn stars that will be in the video, the length of the video, and the niches the video falls into.

Between the videos currently on the site, and the new videos that are constantly being added, you will find that you always have something to jack off to.

Video & Image Quality

As mentioned earlier, the video and image quality available on is top notch. As a paying member, you have the option to stream in a wide variety of video qualities. The file sizes range from 180 MB to 2.80 GB.

These are the file formats currently offered on the site:

  • HD MP4 1080P
  • HD MP4 720P
  • SD MP4
  • MPEG4
  • iPhone/mobile

At present, it doesn't seem like 4K is available yet.


Off the bat, you can tell that Brazzers is a HTTPS secure site. If you aren't familiar with what that means, it's basically a secure connection. Brazzers utilizes a 128 bit key TLS encryption, to safeguard your information. Both your account information as well as your payment information are stored securely.

TLS encryptions actually safeguards your payment information by blocking out your payment details, leaving only the last 4 visible. The 4 digits can be used by you to identify your card, but employees at the company won't be able to steal your information.

As stated on the Brazzers payment page, Discreet billing with no adult references appearing on statements. You can pay for as long as a subscription as you want, without having to worry about having BRAZZERS inc. inked on your bank statements.

You can further increase your anonymity by choosing a more discreet payment method. PayPal and PayGarden are highly recommended. When you pay with gift cards, it's virtually untraceable.

Odds & Ends

If there is one thing in particular that makes the content on Brazzers stand out, is how neatly they've categorized everything. Every video has a stats break down. You can see exactly how long is spent on various positions. If you try watching the really old videos, you won't get these stats, but you will still get the same HD quality.

On the newer videos, you get stats for how long is spent on face fucking, pussy licking, doggystyle, tit fucking, and more. If you have a preference for watching any sexual position, you can easily use the sites functions to filter videos similar to what you just watched. While you can view the upcoming schedule to see what videos will be published, you won't be able to see the stats until the videos are online. I guess they just don't like spoiling the surprise.

Brazzers is like a giant spank bank from which you can make a withdrawal at any point.

As a new user on Brazzers, you will find that you have a ton of great content. However, there is one fault that will likely upset you. As soon you make your purchase, they try to make you pay for more shit, before you've even had time to watch a minute of porn. You really have to make sure to uncheck the boxes before you click continue, otherwise, you might get charged for something you didn't mean to buy.

What Brazzers is trying to convince you to buy is great content, but when you pay for something and are immediately asked to pay again, it feels a bit like a slap in the face.

When you are promised over 30 sites and are suddenly told to pay extra for others, it makes you wonder what the fuck you just paid for. It's understandable that Brazzers is trying to make money, but they should let you get a taste first.


At the end of the day, Brazzers is a God worthy porn site. There is a huge selection of top notch pornographic videos, and the price really isn't too bad. If you get the monthly subscription, it works out to a dollar a day. With longer subscriptions, it only gets cheaper. If you grab the year long option, you can pretty much fill all your pornographic needs for about 30 cents a day.

Brazzers has been well known in the industry for producing some of the best porn around. They have been winning multiple Adult Video News awards every year since 2009. Among their biggest awards are Best Adult Website, Best Membership Website, and Best New Video Production Company. Brazzers has won a bunch of awards, and it's easy to see why when you look at the quality of the porn it produces.

If you are looking to join a porn site that constantly hires the hottest porn stars, has great value for money, and fantastically produced porn videos, Brazzers might just be the site for you.

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