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LifeSelector works differently to conventional porn. Rather than just watching a standard video, you get interactive videos. The movies play out, and give you options. You get to select which porn star you want to fuck and what positions to fuck her in. Each video has multiple endings and multiple scenes that you can only reach by clicking different options.

If you love porn, but always wanted to choose how to fuck the pornstar you are watching, LifeSelector might just be the best porn site for you.

Prices & Payment Options

  • 12500 Credits + 625 free Credits - $199.95
  • 5000 Credits + 250 free Credits + 15 free cam Credits - $99.95
  • 2000 Credits + 100 free Credits + 10 free cam Credits - $59.95
  • 1000 Credits + 50 free Credits + 5 free cam Credits - $39.95
  • 100 Credits + 5 free Credits - $9.95 total

Unlike most porn sites, you don't pay for a monthly membership. What you do, is buy Credits and spend them on the specific movies and scenes you want to watch.  There are no recurring payments and you will need to manually top up on Credits each time you run out. I recommend unlocking the full show every time, otherwise you won't own the videos, and will need to pay to rewatch them.

The prices of the videos on LifeSelector change according to the porn stars involved in the shoot. Generally speaking, the more girls featured in the video and the more popular they are, the more expensive the video is. You can purchase full videos for between 200 and 900 Credits. The cost of individual scenes depends on how pornographic they are. The scenes which are free are generally not very pornographic and don't really show much skin.

The payment options that will be available to you on LifeSelector are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, JCB, PayPal, Sofort, SEPA, Bank Transfer.

If you exit the payment page without choosing a package, you will be presented with a hidden option. You can buy 500 credits for $19.95. It can give you a nice taste of what's to come, without spending too much.

Quality of Porn

LifeSelector offers top notch porn. It is the only platform available where you can stream porn, and control the actual outcome of what happens in the videos you watch.

The videos are mostly shot in the POV angle, and professionally so. You don't get the camera wobble and crappy angles that other sites offer. Everything is done to make you feel like you are really living out what you are watching.

There are currently over 1,100 porn stars on file, including some of the hottest names in the business. Riley Reid, Mia Malkova, Jessa Rhodes, Elsa Jean, and Dillion Harper are just some of the babes which have starred recently.

The options to choose what happens next are very intuitive, and don't distract you from the porn itself.

Types of Porn

LifeSelector has many types of porn, but you will notice that finding them can be a bit of a hassle.

They have their popular categories listed. These include anal, lesbian, MILF, threesome, big tits, facial, blowjob, blonde, director's view, solo, small tits, BDSM, foot fetish, voyeur, kinky, latex, and extreme. You can click on the labels on individual videos, to find more videos featuring the same thing. The labels are mostly of sexual positions and model attributes, though you can also choose things like breakfast, to experience the feelings of an intimate date.

All in all, the porn on LifeSelector focuses on helping you achieve your sexual fantasies. It helps you to live out your threesome dreams, and your dreams of that one babe you never managed to plow.

Content & Update Frequency

There are currently over 850 full length videos. As I mentioned, you can choose individual scenes, so there are literally thousands of scenes for you to watch.

There are multiple new videos updated on a weekly basis. LifeSelector has really been bumping up their number of scenes lately. There are new videos added every other day or so. You will find that on some weeks, a new video is added each day.

You can pre-order certain videos which have not come out yet. It works by crowd-funding. Users pledge money towards a video like on Kickstarter or Indigogo, and if the goal is reached, the video is made. If the goal isn't reached, you can choose to take a refund, or to transfer the funds to a different pre-order. The goals are usually reached, from what I see only 1 or 2 videos didn't meet their targets.

Video & Image Quality

LifeSelector offers full HD videos. These are the options you will be able to stream in.

  • 1080P
  • 720P
  • 480P
  • 360P

You can't actually download the videos. Since the whole point of the site is the interactivity of the videos, you will need to use their platform to enjoy the ability to actually choose what happens next.

Unlocking full shows also unlocks the full picture galleries of the specific show. If you want to buy a gallery without buying the show, you will have to spend 75 Credits per gallery.

Sadly, 4K and VR are not available on the site yet. VR could really improve the realism further, so I do hope they add it in at some point.


LifeSelector does more than just use a HTTPS server. Unlike other porn sites, LifeSelector invested in some of the best security features money can buy. The site uses a state of the art 256 bit key, TLS 1.2 encryption. Most porn sites settle with 128 bit keys encryption, so LifeSelector really offers you double the protection.

As per the payment page, you will see that the site is Comodo Secure, BBB accredited, and DSS compliant. I tried my best to find the BBB page for LifeSelector, but was unable to find it. They might have stuck the logo there because SegPay itself is BBB accredited.

Odds & Ends

LifeSelector is an awesome mix between traditional porn, and the satisfaction you get from being able to control the show like you would on sex cams. If interaction and choices appeal to you, LifeSelector can be a whole lot of fun.

LifeSelector offers some of the best roleplay experiences available in porn. Since everything is shot in POV, and your actions control the actual outcome you watch, you can really get into the role.

Everything is professionally shot, and the actresses chosen are pretty damn good at working their roles. I especially like the girlfriend experience videos. They feel much more intimate than normal porn. The porn stars try and form a personal connection with you. It might not be real, but it feels good.

The LifeSelector videos are filled with choices. There are videos on the site with 15 pornstars in them. Given that there are a few scenes per porn star, you can rewatch the same video again and again, choosing slightly different options each time. Since something is always new, you will find that each video is reusable again and again.

Pre-ordering has the option to pre-order the video itself, or to pledge just for the sake of the video being made. If you pledge as a supporter, you don't get the video, but you do get some free credits out of it. Pre-ordering is much cheaper than buying videos that are currently available, but you will have to wait for several months until the video is complete. I count an average of 5 months between when the pre-ordering period starts, and when the final product is ready in your account to watch.

After the set goal of a pre-ordered video is reached, stretch goals are opened up. Stretch goals add additional scenes, to make the videos even longer and more worth watching.

The biggest problem with LifeSelector is the site's user interface, which is honestly not great. It's hard to search for things, and scrolling through one page with hundreds of videos on it can be cumbersome. I advise opening videos in a new tab, otherwise you will lose your position on the page, which can be very frustrating.

Furthermore, the search bar is not as intuitive as one would hope. Sometimes you need to put a dash between words and sometimes you don't. For example ass-to-mouth and pussy-fingering vs small tits and first timer, sometimes you are expected to use a hyphen and other times not. There is no way of knowing which to use, so you will always need to test out both options.

LifeSelector has it's own Live Porn section, but I suggest against using it, unless you were given free Credits from purchasing one of the larger packages. LifeSelectorCams is just  a white label of ImLive, but with less features. None of the cams are in HD, but the prices are low. If you like the cams they have available, we recommend signing up directly to ImLive, so you can enjoy all the features that they offer.


As the God of Porn, I am a huge fan of what LifeSelector has to offer. They are a truly unique innovation in the world of porn. As far as I am concerned, LifeSelector is an amazing porn site for all users that enjoy roleplay porn. There is such a huge variety of categories and porn stars to choose from, that you are pretty much guaranteed to find at least a few videos you'll want to watch.

Since you only pay for what you want to watch, and not a monthly fee, you get to be very specific exactly about what you want to buy. You can control exactly how long your Credits last you. Your account lasts for life, so the videos you purchase will remain in your account forever, ready to be seen as many times as you please.

The user interface of the site itself could have been done better, but at the end of the day I judge sites more for their porn, rather than their ability to make a clean website. Even if I have to click a few more times, I know that the titties and asses on LifeSelector are worth it.

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  • pay per video
  • messy ui
  • no vr

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