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Straight young athletes are seized, stripped down naked, constrained, and finally get fucked senseless - and all of this sordid action is captured on film.

BreederFuckers maintains to be the most controversial website online, and as the God of Porn, you know I had to see for myself just how depraved and contentious the gay S&M action really is.

This is mind blowing stuff! Good looking fearless heterosexual men get totally wrecked and have their straight untouched man-pussies stretched open, penetrated and defiled. They are then made to deep throat their aggressors' hard cocks, gulping down their new master's hot cum - without been given the choice. It's all consensual, though it really doesn't look it.

Prices & Payment Options

  • 1 Month at $41.90/mo - $41.90 total

BreederFuckers offers a 1 month membership only, and it automatically renews each month until such time as cancelled.

Joining costs $39.95 per month, with a $1.95 processing fee. The membership will then renew at $34.95 per month, which is $5.00 cheaper than your initial month.

The following debit/credit cards are accepted as payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. You can also log in and pay direct from your Verotel account, if you have one set up.

Quality of Porn

They broke the mold piecing this one together; is truly a one-of-a-kind hardcore gay porn site, where the torment is fiendish and relentless.

The quality of porn is top notch and should appeal to sadistic fans of all types, as well as the downright curious, straight or gay.

Let's talk men. In majority, the soft targets are handsome looking straight guys in their 20s. There may be some first-timers, but there are also definitely men which I recognized, who have also filmed on other sites.

The guys are more often than not slender in build, sometimes with more chiseled or athletic bodies, some are smooth and well groomed while others are hairy. As the guys are British, they all sport uncut cocks.

There's a pre-episode interview where the willing breeder talks to his dom of past experiences with women or men and discloses his limitations; the dom explains what will soon happen and gets the guy's approval.

After the shoot, there's usually a post-episode interview where the abused man talks about the experience and expresses his feelings about it all.

This is obscene gay porn at its finest where; extreme bondage; cock and ball torture and anal pain threshold points - are among the many dark fetishes under deep exploration and where their known boundaries are pushed to their limits and beyond.

Types of Porn

This site makes no bones about the type of gay porn it promotes: extreme; obscene; dirty and hardcore.

Movies are called 'sessions' on this site, and they feature guys who are totally into the CBT, S&M, domination and torture scene; aka disciplined experts who've done this kind of thing before.

Which is refreshing to know, when you begin to look on and watch what some of these poor straight guys put themselves through.

Restrained; buttocks flogged; blindfolded; ball gagged; dick restrained; cock sucking instruction; screwed with a dildo; fucked; sphincter covered in cum; made to rim men; spitroasted and creampie - are just a handful of debauched acts these stuck-up breeders are forced to perform.

Episodes vary in set-up; sometimes guys are sucked in with promises of a modelling career; other times, the straight guy is shanghaied right off the street. But in the end, the results are the same.

The straight victim is bound and suffers a harsh training and punishment session that includes: rope bondage; ball gags (or other gags); floggers, canes and cattle prods; a little cock and ball torture; piss play; forced cock sucking and ass fucking; as well as an assortment of other depraved (and at times creative) things that these demon doms conjure.

Content & Update Frequency

BreederFuckers is all about original content, showing a medley of everyday straight guys in a variety of settings. At present, the site claims over 1,400+ scenes and over 50,000+ still images.

The underlying theme remains unchanged: hetro men getting fucked hard and rough by obscene masculine doms; the movies aren't necessarily about the 'what', they're more about the 'how' and 'where'.

Each video comes with a gallery of photos. They're relatively good quality screenshots from the session, and number about 100 pics per set. There aren't slideshows or zip folders, but you can always save (right-click with your mouse) the pics that you want, for your own personal collection.

BreederFuckers runs weekly updates; the site itself maintains that it uploads new content every Wednesday.

Video & Image Quality

In general, the video quality is pretty good and all of the new content is available in HD for streaming or downloading. The movies themselves play at around 15 minutes a piece, but the full sessions are far longer.

You should also know that the older movie parts aren't all that long - with some of them running for 2-3 minutes only.

All of the scenes have mobile-friendly versions in MP4 format.

These are the file formats currently offered:

  • MP4 HD
  • MP4
  • WMV

 At present, there is no 4K or VR available. Both of these formats would make for great upgrades to the site, and I pray for the day that they're rolled out.


Ok, so sadly this site does not run on a secure connection however the payments page itself, runs HTTPS with 128 bit key TLS protection. This means that the transaction part of the site, is 100% safe and secure.

HTTPS is the set of internet rules used to safeguard private internet transactions like online banking or e-shopping order forms. TLS is the added layer of protection and keeps your payment information private.

With TLS, only the last 4 numbers on your credit card are readable. Your card can still be identified, but internet criminals can't steal your account details.

To protect your privacy, charges are processed with discretion and appear under a nondescript name on your credit card statements. This way you can spend as much glorious time on BreederFuckers, without raising any unwanted eyebrows.

Membership runs per month, and as I've already explained, it automatically renews each month until you decide to cancel the subscription.

Secure payments are provided for by Verotel, and for customer support - a US, Europe and 'rest of the world' contact phone numbers have been listed as well as email, should you require assistance with your transactions.

Odds & Ends

In case the name of this porn site still has you perplexed, 'Breeder' refers to straight and not 'breeding' (as in bareback sex). The 'Fuckers' part makes reference to 'assholes or wankers' and not men literally fucking.

And it stands to good reason that a gay porn site without equal deserves a rare name - hence the name BreederFuckers.

One thing's for sure, this has to be the #1 go-to site to watch BDSM and fetish fantasy sessions, where straight guys get abused, roughhoused, humiliated, punished and coerced to do all kinds of nasty things.

The performances are mostly persuasive and believable, and the doms are all class acts. They genuinely know how to belittle their straight victims and inflict torture to the point of them screaming in pain and reeling in agony.

This is not the stuff of porn stars, but real amateurs who are curious about the limits to their own sexuality. The guys (victims) themselves are meant to be all straight, though it isn't all that clear, and difficult to be 100% sure.

This site can be a little cumbersome to navigate, let me show you the ropes. The homepage features the latest updates. As you scroll through, it becomes clear that each movie added includes key information: the date it was added; the video length and number of accompanying pictures; the willing male victim; a short movie trailer and a detailed synopsis about the session.

Across both the top and bottom of the homepage, you will notice a series of 23 profile pics, and each leads you to that guy's page where you can find all of his episodes. The last tag - SEE MORE GUYS - redirects you to the site's complete archive of content indexed by performer.

There is no other way to maneuver through the content. There is no advanced search for the models, nor are the movies themselves tagged.

A minor point of contention, the pictures are all watermarked with the site's logo in the middle of the photo and as far as I'm concerned, it cheapens the enjoyment factor somewhat.

Another niggle to this site is the $1.95 processing fee added to the $39.95 membership cost. Look, already this site has positioned itself at the higher end of the market, and then to further incur the added cost as a 'processing fee', quite honestly felt like a small punch to the gut.


BreederFuckers is about showcasing straight men (breeders) getting turned into bitches and then being aggressively manhandled by hard dominant gay men.

There's plenty variation in the storylines, so you don't find yourselves dealing with the same scenario over and over again.

Speaking frankly, there doesn't seem to be another male S&M gay porn site quite like this site, and I find myself uncontrollably enamoured.

Let's face it, BreederFuckers is a haven for fans of gay BDSM and forced sex, and this site features a plethora of British A-grade uncut cock.

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  • Updates are part of a full scene
  • $1.95 processing fee extra
  • Photos are watermarked

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