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Czech Fantasy

Czech Fantasy is an East European poon palace with a strong focus on group sex scenarios, and it has an unconventional take on gloryholes. Setting the scene: you find yourselves in a room loaded with girls showing through holes in the wall. Only their bodies are exposed, with a picture of the girls face taped to the wall. The guys take turns fucking their mouths, pussies, and assholes.

This is a site for hungry Euro babes and jizz-filled orgies, and as the God of Porn with one mighty hard on, it gets my supreme approval.

Prices & Payment Options

  • $1.00/day for 30 Days Billed at $29.95 
  • $0.72/day for 90 Days Billed at $64.95
  • $0.56/day for 180 Days Billed at $99.95

As you can see, there are a 1 month, 3 month & 6 month sign up options.

The 6 month package works out to be most economical, however the 1 month deal is promoted as the most popular.

Any pricing option you choose will recur automatically if not rescinded, and you can cancel at anytime.

Your payment options are restricted to credit cards, either Mastercard or Visa.

When you sign up to Czech Fantasy, you get instant access to all 34 channels within the Czech AV syndicate. That's over 40,000+ minutes of sexually twisted and deviant video.

Quality of Porn

This is a mammoth site to indulge and explore the more tempestuous side of sexual misconduct, and have your deepest cravings met with a wet mouth, pussy or asshole.

It's just like a House of Fun, except this one's for adults and instead of mirrors you get a variety of hardcore gloryholes, with a bunch of tied up gloryholed Czech babes thirsting to get fucked and suck cock.

The majority of scenes are actually part of a larger movie. They are stand-alone cuts and don't need to be watched in sequence, and they on average play for around 10 minutes.

Each video is a certified orgy, with several women behind a glory hole, and multiple men lining up to fuck them. If you are a fan of gloryhole porn, there is a ton for you to get excited about here. They have a variety of women, and you can watch each of them getting fucked by multiple men.

Make no mistake, the naughty productions found on this cheeky site are first and foremost 100% exhilarating and exclusive.

Types of Porn

Czech Fantasy makes no bones about it's primary focus, and goes out of its way in showcasing the gloryhole niche. They have taken this subject matter to unimaginable heights, and continue to explore the limits to this fantastical genre.

Most men want it all. So they start off at one hole and have a chick suck their dick, and then move on to the next one and butt-fuck the babe. The camera gives you a view of the girls behind the scenes as well.

They girls can't see what goes on behind the wall, and can be seen lying in anticipation, until Sir Prize Penis springs into action.

There's all kinds of kinky action, with a line up of the hot Czech babes. Blondes, brunettes, MILFs, teens and more. You can find big tittied women, and of course well rounded moist ass holes.

Hot videos include the likes of The Line For A Hairy Pussy 2, Czech Beauties In The Hole, Sodom And Gomorrah 3, Public Fuck Room 6, Fucking Fastfood 4, and the list goes on.

You will find that in many of the videos, the the girls actually come out of the stall, to finish off the job.

Czech Fantasy is really a crazy site. Some of the gloryholes are at head level, meaning that the girl is there to be pleasured, not to give pleasure.

Content & Update Frequency

To date, this site claims over 40 thousand minutes of footage across its channels within the network. The vids are posted in parts, so you're never getting a completed scene.

These amateurs all enjoy it. You can see them rubbing their tits and moaning, while a man of mystery proceeds to slide his erect cock deep inside her wet gaping pussy.

While the vids themselves are in Czech, they also include English subtitles.

The clips themselves can be streamed or downloaded in Full HD MP4 format and lower resolution files are also offered. appear to be a site which is growing, though it's difficult to gauge at what rate. I was unable to pinpoint dates, or come across any update logs.

However, inspecting the sign up page shows that the site provides regular updates.

Video & Image Quality

All of the clips are featured in high quality definition (Full HD) for live streams and downloads.

The older movies highest quality play-back is 720p WMV format, however as mentioned most videos come with 1080p MP4 files.

At present, these are the 2 worthy formats:

  • MP4 (1920x1080; 4159k)
  • MP4 (1280x720; 2000k; streaming)

To date, VR and 4K isn't available yet. That being said, CzechFantasy is part of a network that does include 4K videos. It is very likely, that the quality will upgrade in the near future.


Visiting is 100% safe and secure. It runs HTTPS protocol, which protects information between the server and your web browser. Any exchange of data is protected as it is encrypted.

HTTPS safeguards sensitive personal internet transactions such as e-banking or online order forms. You also get further protection with TLS 256 bit key encoding.

With TLS protection, your payment info remains secure as only the last 4 digits of your card are made visible. The card can still be identified, but scammers can't steal your account details.

Your account is billed with one payment in total, and reflects under a nondescript name which could help to keep your hobby secret. You can rest assured, that the employees in your bank will have no idea what kind of sick and depraved porn you are into.

Czech Fantasy lists NetlookBill as its accredited payment processor and tech support provider, with a quick link to the site for payment and technical queries.

Odds & Ends

CzechFantasy lives up to its name and hype, with an assemblage of the most filthy and dirty Czech women. There's no mistaking that these girls like it rough and anonymous.

At the entrance to the room sits an old woman in an office, where the men come to buy their tickets to gain admission.

The guys walk in, drop their pants and the x-rated hardcore fun begins.

They proceed to enjoy as much Czech pussy as what surrounds them, and the camera brings you the action from both sides of the wall.

The room is comprised of both large and small holes. The small holes are for the horny guy to shove their cocks through, while poking out of the large holes, are the bottom halves of naked girls.

Babes are either bent over or lying on their backs spachcocked, legs strung up and shackled, with the cuffs fixed to the wall.

And through the many sordid scenes, it's also clear that they give pleasure as much as they get abused.

The Czech Av network is made of 34 dedicated sites such as: CzechAmateurs, CzechBitch, CzechCabins, CzechDungeon, CzechGangbang and CzechHarem to mention a few, and all pay homage to Eastern European babes of all ages, from their own unique angles.

Czech Harem presents countless gorgeous babes across the age spectrum being pleasured by young studs or each other. Watch as a strapping young gun makes his way through 2 dozen babes, massacring their cunts. They are sultans who surround themselves with women who crave, orgies, gangbangs, double & deep penetration, and loads of cum. The Harem features girls from teens, right up to the age of granny.

Czech Wifeswap is another fun one. This liberal site shows off couples who are into swapping partners. You can sign in and watch your wife fuck another guy. This naughty site not only breaks taboos, it shatters them.

Czech Fantasy's unique angle happens to be the gloryhole scene, with a clear focus on threesomes, orgies, gangbangs and blowjobs, showcasing the hottest Czech sluts, amateurs, pros and obedient submissives.

Getting around the site is pretty simple with intuitive navigation and quick access to all the sites from the top of the homepage.

The start page displays Hot & New Videos, and as you scroll through them you can choose to show more videos.

There's also a keyword search provided for, however it's only good for looking up video titles. You can't run attribute searches such as: oral or anal.

Other than that, there's no advanced search features, nor are the movies themselves tagged.

This dirty fetish porn site is not only available in English, but you can also choose to browse the site in German and Czech.

Conclusion is worth checking out if glory holes give you monster erections and you like the idea of uncontested sex. Do yourselves a favor and check out a video preview.

If you are intrigued (and no doubt you will be), take the plunge and sign up for any of the viable memberships.

The site itself is a respectable size, and everything about it feels high quality.

More so, it forms part of the net's largest dominant network for Czech porn, which means that your thirst for debauched Czech women can be quenched over and over again.

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  • Movies are uploaded in parts
  • No video tags
  • No model indexes or bios

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