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FuckMyIndianGf is where you can catch amateur porn videos of lustful Indian girls. There are a ton of submitted videos of Indian babes next door, with a fair representation from both North and South India.

It seems that there are a bunch of egotistical boyfriends who are down to share their fortunes, boasting at the sexual appetites of their women.

As the God of Porn, has never quite let me down. And with its huge amount of content, (like me) you'll never find yourselves wanting - when it comes to watching amateur Indian girls. 

Prices & Payment Options

  • 1 Year at $8.33/mo - $99.95 total
  • 3 Months at $16.65/mo - $49.95 total*
  • 1 Month at $29.95/mo - $29.95 total
  • 1 Day Trial Membership - $4.95 total

Above are the memberships offered over at

The 1 year membership carries a 'once off payment' of $99.95 and is valid for 12 months. After this time, it expires it does not automatically renew. The 1 day trial sign up for $4.95 is only good for 24 hours. It then auto recurs at the 1 month joining fee, which is $29.95, unless cancelled.

If you choose the 1 month membership, it will auto renew after 30 days, for the same amount. With the 3 month deal*, you can choose either a version that continues to auto recur, or you can select the 3 month membership with a 'once-off payment' - which will then expire after 90 days are up.

Joining fees are shown in US dollars ($), regardless of where you register from.

Use any of these credit cards for instant access: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Debit & Mastercard Debit.

And if you're In the mood for even more Indian porn? You'll be pleasantly surprised, as on the purchase page (where you fill out your particulars, including your credit card details) - is a pre-checked bonus offer to join, another Indian porn site where Indian couples happily share their kinky home-made sex movies with their fans. The deal is a 2 day membership at $2.95 in total. After 48 hours, it then rebills at $29.95 per 30 days, and until canceled.

If you don't want the extra deal, you'll need to uncheck the 'special offer' box.

Quality of Porn

As you can imagine from user submitted content, the quality of the movies can best be described as being erratic. Many of them play fuzzy and have that: 'Just-learnt-how-to-film' feel. Oddly enough, this only adds further to the site's 'amateur' image.

This point is further driven home when considering the camera work and lighting. Let's just say that the movies could have been filmed with a little more creativity, incorporating a wider range of camera angles or different lenses.

Nonetheless, Fuck My Indian Gf is as it claims to be - a site for 100% Indian porn.

The content is a mix of fuck films and strip shows, with an emphasis on the former.

I'm afraid to say that with many of these movies, it almost feels like being made to watch old video tapes in the age of DVDs, in terms of quality. Suffice to say that they won't be up for any cinematic awards in Bollywood, any time soon.

But, a good number of these Indian amateurs are simply stunning and have what is needed to get far in this bizz. These babes, will give most industry porn stars, a good run for their money.

Types of Porn

There's lots and lots of homemade Indian porn, some of it is more extreme than others.

Which is awesome, when you realize how few genuine Indian porn sites exist on our beloved world wide web.

By and large, the site follows a 'loose-theme' of real Indian sex scandals. The Indian amateur babes get fucked (in private) by their boyfriends, as their sexploits are being being filmed, often in secret.

Or the Indian girlfriends get 'filmed by chance' showing off their sexuality in (what they thought, or not) was total privacy.

So without having to get into too many details, the porn itself is very gonzo - and again, this is yet another example of just how 'homemade' this site is made to feel.

Either way & one thing's for sure, Fuck My Indian Gf and its movies are both absolutely 100% unique!

You can expect to see the usual, when it comes to the sex. Blowjobs, fingering, masturbation, pussy play and much more. The hardcore flicks will have intercourse of course, and theses scenes often climax with glistening creampies.

The site is filled with all types of Indian babes. You can watch lighter skinned Northers, as well as dark skinned Southerners. You will find that many of the videos involve completely unshaven women, with hairy pussies and arm pits. The types of women you can find in the videos are as diverse as them women you find outside on the street. The content is really diverse.

Content & Update Frequency

As I've explained already, FuckMyIndianGf is a gusher for Indian porn! There is a giant stash of xxx vids & pornographic pics.

Check it out, this one has already amassed a dizzying 9,900+ films and updates appear to happen daily.

There are many that play for a decent 40 minutes or so, but then there are also a huge amount of scenes which run for less than 1 minute.

You'll find a separate section for photos, however no new picture stills have been added or uploaded for ages.

And of the 320+ picture-sets, not too many of them will hold any high resolution images. At times, an album will even have random low-res pics of several babes (nude and non-nude), as apposed to a feature spread - with just one hot Indian girl.

Regretfully, you can't download any of these photo-sets in Zip file format.

As it stands: is an exceptionally video-heavy site, and that gets an almighty 'thumbs up' by me.

Video & Image Quality

As I've already painted this picture - the video and image quality is average (and somewhere in between).

The videos themselves all have 1 download option only. Which makes it 'pot luck' as to which format or resolution you'll score and how it rates. There are plenty movies in SD format, with some of the newer films in HD.

Streams have all been restricted to SD.

File formats available:

  • MP4 - (1280x720)
  • Windows - (640x480)
  • AVI - (640x480)
  • MP4 - (640x480)
  • MP4 - (360x640; streaming)
  • MPEG - (352x288)
  • 3GP - (176x144)


Although is not HTTPS compliant, the payments page itself (where you submit your credit card info) - is totally 100% safe and secure.

Not only does this page run HTTPS, but it is also extra protected with TLS, including a 256 bit SSL security certificate.

HTTPS is a set of internet regulations that govern data protection. It is used to protect personal information between a website's server and your web browser, and you may recognize it in everyday activities like online banking or e-shopping order forms.

And then with TLS, only the last 4 digits of your card remain visible. Your credit card can still be identified, but cyber criminals won't be able to hack your account details.

Customer service and billing support is handled by a 3rd party independent biller called Yellow Plum. You'll see their name on the payments page, and then for any additional customer support or for account queries - look out for the quick link provided for (at the bottom of the payments page) labelled Billing Support.

Your discretion is important. Charges to your card will show under a generic name, with no apparent connection to this site. While the cow remains sacred in India, and cannot be harmed, you can choke your chicken as much as you want and nobody need ever find out.

Odds & Ends

You can't go to India and not eat a hot curry, any more than claiming to be an Indian porn enthusiast - without having tasted the smorgasbord of spicy amateurs dished up on this site!

So the search engine may be lacking, and forget about tracking your favorite clips.

But, they do provide you with some tags and you can even recommend your own. And you're able to leave comments and rate the movies. There are also a few sorting options, which help to round up the user features.

There's an entire section of 'bonus content', which consists of a couple of hundred of 'self-shot' movies. There's a stack with more Indian amateurs, but then there are also films featuring white women and Latinas. Their picture quality and play time is on par, with the movies on the main site.

Other than that, you also get a link for live chat, but if you are looking for live porn, I recommend just checking out my list of the best cam sites.


Fuck My Indian Gf might just be like the Cosco of Indian porn sites. This is a website with a large video bank, consistent updates, and where the content could be described as schlocky - compared to content you would most probably come across on more high-end sites.

But, hands down is home of the amateur Indian porn scene!

So if you're not too persnickety about Indian sex videos, have a dip in these tantric waters!

Visit website


  • Non-exclusive content
  • No advanced search tools
  • Can't save favorites

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