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Being the God of Porn, I've watched as this site has evolved from a humble DVD house, all the way to becoming a bona fide online xxx video streaming powerhouse.

And no ifs ands or buts about it - Sugar Instant have run the gauntlet and emerged on the other side as outright champions.

Members get an 'all-pass' to 1000s of hot streaming videos from industry acclaimed producers, featuring the sexiest girls in the bizz. You can enjoy this website on a variety of devices (such as Roku), and you can even watch porn movies in 4K HD.

By the way, this one's video vault is massive, so there's heaps to keep you and your penis smiling.

Prices & Payment Options

Unlimited Streaming

  • 1 Year at $8.33/mo - $99.99 total
  • 1 Month at $9.99/mo - $9.99 total
  • 5 Day Trial Membership - FREE

Pay Per View

  • Cheapest: 15 minutes - $3.99 total
  • 12 different bundles to choose from
  • Top-tier bundles include free minutes

Prospective members to are given two different sign up options: you can register for Unlimited Streaming or you can set yourselves up with a basic account - and go Pay Per View.

When you opt in for Unlimited Streaming, you are upfront given a 5 day free trial, with no obligations.

And have at it! You get access to thousands of porn movies and exclusive content, with unlimited streams to your favorite console (PS4, Xbox and Roku).

Before you even ask: Your credit card will not be charged until such time as the trial period has expired!

Both of the offered memberships (1 Month & 1 Year) will kick in after the free trail, and the 1 Month member re-bills every 30 days. The 1 Year member is billed annually (in full) but also includes a 10% discount on the purchase. provides its members with a wide variety of payment methods.

You can use the following international credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and you can pay for porn with American Express. This site will also accept pre-paid cards from: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

You also have the option to pay by credit card - through submitting your details by Phone or Fax. It's an option that you will see during the 'check-out process' and you get given 'further instruction'.

Or if you prefer, you can purchase your membership by Money Orders or Personal Checks. You should be aware that if you elect either of these payment methods, clearing of funds can take up to 1 Month.

And checks need to be pre-printed, as handwritten checks will not be accepted.

Finally, if you have one set up, place porn DVD orders with your PayPal accounts. Sadly, Paypal cannot be used for 'rentals' or 'on demand' transactions.

When you Pay As you Play, you only end up paying for exactly what you watch.

Purchased minutes are then subtracted from your accounts as you view a movie. Packages start from as low as $3.99 which gets you 15 minutes, and then go up to $499.99 for 5800 minutes (which includes 300 Free minutes). You have in total twelve different 'pay per view' bundles across the pay-scale to choose from.

Quality of Porn

Some say that this site can very well be described as 'the Netflix of porn'.

I know this because I'm one of them.

This former xxx DVD trade-house turned internet streaming sensation presents with an amazing archive of adult erotica content, and still rents and sells the occasional DVD.

And whether you choose to sign up for unlimited streams or go pay per view, the quality of porn remains 100% sensational.

Sugar Instant is a syndicated site; and man oh man are you getting boat loads of variety with this one.

There are (as it stands) a total of 278 linked porn studios. As members, you get a golden ticket to watch a mix of scenes from some of the best, most well-known production houses in the business. Industry giants the likes of Evil Playgrounds, Digital Sin and Platinum X Pictures are a few that can be found within this vast network.

There are thousands and thousands of high quality porn scenes which you can browse through and stream, not counting the crazy number of movies they still keep under roof for rentals and sales.

Let's just stop for a while and pay respect to these lovely ladies. SugarInstant plays home to 90+ something models, including some household name pornstars the likes of Riley Reid, Tori Black and UK porn sensation Sophie Dee.

Without question, has its fair share of hot babes worth checking out and jacking off to.

Types of Porn

A stand out feature for me, was seeing just how many niche fetishes appear to have been covered. Everything from Bondage to Female Domination and Cuckolds, High Heels to Humiliation. And if you happen to have a man-crush on shemales, there's plenty for you to catch up when you check out this site's collection of Transsexual vids. 

In fact, with 230+ Categories, they've just about covered every conceivable angle of porn imaginable.

Look, among the more popular ones you'll find: 18+ Teens, Anal, Fetish, Interracial, Mature and Threesomes - each with hundreds of movies.

But then they also have listed some really obscure categories, the likes of: Lactation, Midgets, Oddities, Outer Space and Prison Chicks.

The diversity of pornography on this site is truly staggering.

And while this particular category is small in number by comparison, the 4K Ultra HD section already has 40 full-length DVDs in its collection. They do span a bit of a date range, but many of them are pretty new and they're all quality high-end productions.

Since the number of 4K videos on the site is relatively small, I would suggest sites like Private or JulesJordan instead, if you are looking for only ultra HD content.

Content & Update Frequency

Members who've signed up for unlimited (either per month or year) have unlimited viewing of SugarInstant's entire library. That includes 'On Demand' movies and individual porn scenes.

And they have boat loads! They maintain to have more than 140,000 scenes from over 30,000 different videos. I mean when you consider this site's pedigree - that might very well be a certifiable fact.

The best part? They also brag about nearly daily updates, every week - 365 days a year.

This one's a bit more tricky to confirm, as there isn't really an update schedule.

However, when you view the movies by New Releases they've included the release year - at the very least. You need to actually click on the title and then scroll through to the Synopsis where at the end, you can see the actual release date.

Of course every scene comes with screen-grabs for you to flip through online.

They seem to average around 30 picture-sets per scene. You can't seem to Zip file download them, but there's absolutely nothing stopping you from downloading and saving them as individual pics.

Even if this site is only managing roughly 5 or 6 new uploads per week, that translates to approximately 22-24 newly added vids per month, which ain't too shabby.

Video & Image Quality

SugarInstant seem to adhere to pretty high standards, and the bulk of their footage is in Full HD.

Now, you won't necessarily find an FHD or 1080p directory listed under the Categories section, however when you select any of the titles for Unlimited Viewing or Download To Own - you are given the highest resolution stats, which in most cases is HD 1080p.

And 4K enthusiasts would be surprised peeking into the 4K Ultra HD section. Its got titles like Beautiful Tits Vol.6 starring Sarah Vandella - the killer blonde with big fat tits and a bubbly backside; Ski, Sex & Fun with Cherry Kiss and Lina Luxa among other beautiful babes. Villain, J&M Fitness, Anal Warriors Vol.4 and much more.

The 4K ultra HD movie list runs 40 deep.

However, with more and more porn videos being shot in 4K, this number looks set to only continue increasing as time moves on.

For now, fanatics would surely agree that SugarInstant gets a deserving spot on any top list

These are the highest file formats available:

  • UHD MP4 2160P (4K)
  • FHD MP4 1080P
  • HD MP4 720P

The SugarInstant system will work with both MAC and Windows PCs.

What's more, besides from accessing this website from just about any mobile device including iPhone and tablets, you can also use their services on any of your favorite consoles namely: Xbox, PS4 or Roku.


When you go to the site, you can visit with complete peace of mind, as they have you 100% safe and protected.

For starters, the main website runs HTTPS, a popular form of data encryption.

And then the payments page (where you fill out your information, including your credit card details) has an added layer of online protection with a 256 bit-key SSL security certificate and (the page itself) runs TLS.

HTTPS is a set of internationally accepted rules for effective data protection and is used to safeguard sensitive information between a site's server and your internet browser. Behind the scenes, it gets used in everyday activities like online banking or internet shopping order forms.

With TLS, only the last 4 digits of your credit card remain visible. Your card can still be recognized, but internet thieves won't be able to hack your account details.

By the way, using pre-paid credit card gift cards to pay for porn (like you can on this site), is still the best way to keep private and remain anonymous online. Just saying.

SugarInstant also provides top level member discretion.

At no point will your bank statements reflect this site's name, but rather a non-specific name with no reference to

And your privacy is valued, in such the team make promises of never selling your personal information to 3rd parties.

They also present their members with unmatched 24/7 customer support options.

These include: Online Inquiry Submissions; Live Chat; Domestic & Int'l Phone Numbers; Email; Fax and a Mailing Address. All of this useful information is neatly stored and can all be found under the Contact tag, located right at the bottom of the homepage.

Odds & Ends is one sensational adult site, that's loaded with a variety of softcore and extreme videos

This is a Mecca for those who prefer to stream their porn, and it also caters to those fans who like downloading and growing their personal stash.

How ever you get your hands on it, by now you should have already realized that the production values will all be top class.

You have both a pay per view joining option as well as a subscription based unlimited viewing membership.

However (for me) the subscription based membership seems to be a better deal. When you consider that $9.99 gets you 60 minutes of viewing versus their 1 month unlimited streaming bundle at $9.99, well the numbers kind of play themselves out.

As far as navigating the site is concerned, everything has a streamlined layout with drop down menus giving you multiple filtering options.

When you choose to browse the content by Unlimited Streaming you can then pick and check out New Additions, New Releases, Popular Movies & Trending Movies. If you want, you can check out the DVDs by Categories or even by Movie Studios.

Once you've selected one of the sub-directories, say New Additions, you can then change the viewing layout of the results page and toggle between a grid look or a classic list look. When you change to 'List', you get to see more details about the film like its release date (year), which studio it comes from as well as who the starring models are.

As a member, you enjoy a familiar website feature called 'Favorites'. It was designed to give SugarInstant clients a way to keep track of their favorite performers, categories and studios. With countless new adult movies constantly being released, it can be tricky to stay on top of it all.

Favorites allows you to pick and choose which aspects of porn you like the most, and be notified when new additions that interest you get released.

So if you really enjoy watching Kaylani Lei, you can add her to your 'Favorites' and get alerted anytime a movie is released with Kaylani Lei in it. Or if you really like Platinum X Pictures, you can add that studio to your favorites and receive an email with a list of all the new Platinum X Pictures titles added to the SugarInstant system.

Conclusion is the 'Netflix' of porn and a goldmine of adult entertainment DVDs.

If low-cost unlimited streaming websites interest you, I can't think of a better one to recommend than Sugar Instant.

At $9.99 per month, you get unlimited access to a mountain of content, which you can conveniently watch on your Playstation, Xbox, Roku or smartphone. That's 1000's of Full HD movies with the hottest pornstars, and not forgetting a pretty sweet and exclusive collection of Ultra HD 4K DVDs.

Visit website


  • DVDs are expensive to buy
  • No model profiles
  • Sketchy update schedule
  • No advanced filters

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