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For genuine shemale stunners, you need not look further than Thailand which initiated the whole Kathoey ladyboy craze.

On HelloLadyboy, you get to follow in the adventures of a foreign tourist, who meets and then fucks them in well known tourist hot-spots like Pattaya Beach and Bangkok.

As the God of Porn, is a frequent favorite of mine, for streaming authentic Thai ladyboy sex flicks. This site just happens to shelter some of the hottest performing t-girls from all across Thailand.

Prices & Payment Options

  • 1 Year at $9.95/mo - $119.40 total
  • 6 Months at $14.95/mo - $89.70 total
  • 3 Months at $19.95/mo - $59.85 total
  • 1 Month at $29.95/mo - $29.95 total offers up 4 different memberships, and subscription fees are usually displayed in USD ($). Unless, you happen to be signing up from outside the US, in which case the joining costs will show in your country's currency, which equals the US dollar amount.

You can choice from the following major global credit cards for immediate access: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club & Discover.

Users from within the United States have the option to use from over 100 different gift cards. You will see the full list of accepted gift cards once you have created your site account.

Your subscriptions will auto renew after their membership cycles, and until such time as cancelled.

Quality of Porn

The scenes that have been put together are fresh and imaginative. The quality of the porn produced is simply superb.

As I've already laid out - this site is about a traveler and his intimate adventures in Thailand, where his goal is to meet up with genuine girlie ladyboys. He's on a mission, and we get to see how he first approaches them and strikes up a casual conversation. Which then turns to seduction, and finally 'the bedroom scene'.

He is exceptionally meticulous and has carefully recorded each step of his sexual encounters. We get to see everything: first the meet, followed by some amateur t-girl modelling, and then the sex. 

Let's just take a prolonged moment and admire these seductive Thai shemales!

They truly are wonderful to behold and all look and dress the part. Some wear really sexy dainty dresses, while others prefer mini skirts and cute little blouses. And they all wear such glittering makeup and long eye lashes; they are so beautiful - you just can't stop yourself from gazing.

Most showoff their long hair, while others seem to sport shorter hair with bob-cuts and shoulder-length styles.

Thai trannies are as 'ladyboy' as they come. In my opinion, they must be the most girlie shemales on the planet!

Types of Porn

The videos themselves are all broken down into 3 separate 'parts' or scenes.

Each scene has been put together with enough action to count as its own stand-alone movie.

Among the many titles, they all begin roughly the same way. There's a short introduction where we get to meet the ladyboy, and then there's the 'rendezvous', where she meets up with our leading man.

In her broken English, we get to learn a little bit about the babe, her character and her life interests.

Then comes the 'courtship', where you then get to see the sexy ladyboy giving the guy a blowjob, before he then takes his turn and ramrods the shemale in her sweet ass.

Expect to find movies with all kinds of sex acts like: masturbation, shemales giving blowjobs & shemales getting blowjobs, and (with out a doubt) boat loads of anal sex.

Content & Update Frequency

The content on HelloLadyboy is 100% exclusive, and at present there are some 50+ videos, or 150+ individual porn scenes.

You'll also find approximately 150+ picture albums with high resolution images. There's no Zip file download options, but you can download & save individual pics.

None of the movies appear to have time-stamps, which makes it tricky to follow the time line for new arrivals.

However, by the looks of things, and having snooped around a while - I'm going out on a limb, and standing by my account on this contested topic. I recon that HelloLadyboy keeps its updates steady, with as many as 4-6 new scenes and picture-sets uploaded per month.

Again though, without the content being 'date-stamped', it's virtually impossible to be 100% certain.

And (not meaning to ignore the big pink elephant in the room), the videos on this site - are unfortunately stream only.

Video & Image Quality

Ok, so you can't download the movies and grow your own private stash.

But, there's no limit to the amount of shemale porn you can easily stream.

And, you can bank on catching all of this action in full high definition.

In fact, you get presented with a good number of streaming options, and the highest quality available (1080p) plays & looks top class!

The streams themselves load smooth, and you can go full screen or hop through the videos. And with the variety of stream options - you can easily watch movies on your smart phones.

Highest stream file formats available:

  • MP4 - Full HD (1080p)
  • MP4 - HD (720p)

The movies themselves will all differ in run time. But in the majority, they seem to play for around the half hour mark. There are those that play for less, as well as flicks that run longer. The movies all have first-rate intros and titles.


Entering the website is totally safe and 100% secure. For starters, the site is protected with HTTPS, an then the payments page is further protected with an added layer of internet security.

HTTPS is an internet protocol widely accepted for safeguarding data. It is used to protect sensitive information between the site's server and your internet browser. Without you even being aware, it's used in daily transactions like e-banking or online shopping order forms.

And then, the registration page (where you fill in your credit card details) runs TLS, and information is encrypted with a 256 bit SSL security certificate.

Using TLS, only the last 4 numbers of your credit card remain readable. Your card can still be recognized, but online thieves won't be able to hack your account details.

All of this account security adds up to your peace of mind.

When it comes to customer support, Hello Ladyboy members get support from the following independent billers: CCBill, Epoch, NETBilling, SegPay, VeroTel and Vendo - based on where in the world you've signed up from.

Remember, your welcome email will include your registration biller. Regardless, they all offer 24/7 customer support with contact phone numbers and direct links to each of their respective websites for billing support and client assistance. And your discretion is of utmost importance, as your payments show under a nondescript name on your bank statements. It's nobody's business just how smitten you are with Thai ladyboys.

Odds & Ends

Another site dedicated to shemales, and to be more to the point - HelloLadyboy pays homage to the shemales of Thailand, and highlights just how 'girlie' they can get.

Like the mega site Asian Sex Diary, this choice site is stream only. But the content is all 100% authentic and exclusive. It's not the biggest, but with periodic updates, it is growing. And this one seems to showcase, only the finest Thai trans girls.

The site itself has a féminité design, which helps to drive the 'shemale' point home, and you get all round decent navigation. 

There are some basic search options to help you sift through the footage, and with categories like Chinese, Pattaya, Bangkok and Petite, you do have limited filters to narrow down your searches. There isn't a set of advanced search tools.

Browsing through the girls, you'll get to see and read bios about the beautiful babes, check out her stats and visit links to her additional content.

While there are no bonus sites, you will find some links to live tranny cams - where you can meet up with ladyboys in video chat rooms yourself! To take them private, you'll need to sort yourselves out with some credits first. But there are also free public chat rooms for you to try (though access becomes limited if you haven't purchased credits for the last month or so).

The ones tagged 'Live Ladyboys' happens to have excellent high definition video cams.

Another feature worthy of praise, is the detailed contact info you get for these ladyboys. In many instances, they'll even include telephone numbers, so that you're able to ring up your favorite transgender - should you ever plan a visit to Thailand.


They've got the Thai ladyboy scene buttoned down tight on this one. In watching the movies, you really get a true sense of the many marvels that these girlie transsexuals of Thailand have to offer.

Updates seem steady but slow? However, the content is all stream friendly, in Full HD.

Not being able to download is a bit of a bummer, but the production values you are getting with these movies - makes this point (for now) acceptable.

As far as Thai shemales are concerned, has it's own stunning collection of them, making this site well worth a check out.

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