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Asian women have always rated as some of the most desirable women on the planet. And, as the God of Porn, AsianSexDiary must be one of my all-time favorites when it comes to watching babes from the Far East.

Asian Sex Diary is one of the hottest reality-based porn sites, with probably the best ongoing sleazy, naughty and creative narratives.

Allow me to elaborate and shed light. Meet John Tron, a guy on a self-appointed quest to bang as much Asian pussy as he can. My kind of guy John, a man living OUR dream!

Prices & Payment Options

  • 1 Year at $14.79/mo - $179.95 total
  • 6 Months at $19.99/mo - $119.95 total
  • 3 Months at $29.98/mo - $89.95 total
  • 1 Month at $39.95/mo - $39.95 total

Above, are the 4 offered memberships. As you can see, these prices are quoted for in USD ($) but in actuality could show in your country's currency - depending on the region of the world you subscribe from.

So, if you are signing up from Japan, you will be charged for the USD equivalent in JPY (¥).

The following international credit cards can be used for instant access: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club and Discover.

US residents also have the added option by paying with a wide selection of pre-paid used or unused gift cards.

This is how it works: you get given 'access days', according to the credit balances of your cards. The value of the cards won't always be the same as the actual value written on the cards. Take for example a $25.00 Starbucks gift card, which might only get you 19 days entrance to the site.

It's probably best to double check the payments page itself (where you complete your billing information) and see exactly which payment options are open to your region, and then pick the one that will best work for you.

Quality of Porn

For a porn site which is clearly atypical, the quality of porn is totally top drawer stuff.

This is a '1-man-wrecking-crew' and his kinky filmed sexploits from around the world, where he slays as much Asian snatch as he can find.

John jet sets around South-East Asia, making frequent stops in places like Angels City, Philippines; Jakarta, Indonesia; Pattaya Beach, Thailand; Hong-Kong, China and even in other parts of the world like Canada, as well as Africa. He then shares video and images (and sometimes a short blog), detailing every sordid step of his sexual encounters.

He first films himself meeting up with the babes and sweet-talking them up for a while, before then getting them back to his hotel room, for them to deepthroat his cock and get summarily fucked.

This site is crazy! And the porn is as gonzo as it gets. Look, of course the girls know what's going on and where the footage is destined for, but everything feels authentic, which is awesome.

AsianSexDiary, has really been made to feel like the ultimate sex travelogue, and aside from the videos, you also get hi-res photographs of John's adventures - of the sexy girls, local hot-spots, landmarks & tourist destinations. And each update includes a lengthy journal entry, giving members even further explanation into his maverick travels.

Types of Porn

In a nutshell, you get to watch John fuck an incessant amount of genuine Asian pussy. Thai babes, Chinese babes, Filipina babes, Laotian babes, Vietnamese babes and more. No other sites can compete with the variety of Oriental women found on AsianSexDiary.

And the best part?

You get to watch these girls get fucked by John in POV sex videos.

The only limitations which seem to exist are imposed by the girls themselves. That said, it is remarkable how down right audacious some of these babes get, and for more than just a few - they're dead eager on trying out, and having 'first-time' sexual experiences. So for the lucky members, expect to find rookie Malay babes giving their very first blowjobs, or sexy Chinese MILFs getting bent over and fucked doggy for the first time in their lives.

And while the central site theme plays out around Oriental women, John does not holster his cock there. Not at all, you see - tourists in these far off destinations are as fair game as the locals themselves; occasional white girls and black babes get taken down too.

The majority of movies are 1-on-1 porn videos, but there are clearly 'titles' featuring sisters, twins or even BFFs.

And the models all appear to range in age, from college teens, to more veteran Asian women. As the tour eloquently lays out: follow John on his journey to bang tight Chinese teen pussy, Siem Reap stunners, Filipina spinners and more.

Content & Update Frequency

One thing that you should know, is that is a relatively new porn site. With that in mind, you'd be happy to learn that its exclusive video vault is already huge, in high definition and growing daily! You see, John is a self-proclaimed sexual savant and keeps himself pretty active.

This website updates nearly every day. There's an odd break every now and then, every man needs a break.

As I've already mentioned that this site plays out like a travel blog, there could even been multiple daily updates depending on the situation, for example mini-clip entries of him arriving at new destinations; to diary uploads setting upcoming scenes, he has planned out.

To date you can find well over 1100+ videos in the Diary section, which range in length from just a few minutes (5-6), all the way up to 1 hour films. Some, even longer.

And the Conquests section features just over 500+ flicks, where these films promise more than just pickups, explorations and dating. This section filters updates to only show when punani (or a great blowjob) was scored, and this part of the site looks set to update 2-3 times per week.

Video & Image Quality presents in the finest high definition, and better yet - the videos themselves are exemplary and exclusive. The bulk can be viewed and enjoyed in 720p, and the latest uploads are featured and play in 1080p.

The down side, is that these videos can not be downloaded & saved, making this mega site, a stream only porn site.

That said, the streams load fast and play smooth. You can also navigate the scenes, moving back and forth without problems.

All of the videos are accompanied by loads of hi-resolution photos, and once again (following in the site's policy), there is no option to save entire photo albums.

This is the highest file format available:

  • Flash (1920x1080; 6640k; streaming)


You can enter the site with complete confidence, as it's totally safe and 100% secure. To begin with, it operates with HTTPS protocol, and then for even more added peace of mind - the payments page is further protected with an extra layer of internet security.

HTTPS is an internet construct which governs data protection, and is widely used to secure sensitive data between the site's server and your internet browser. You'll notice it in everyday activities like online banking or e-shopping order forms.

And then the member registration page (where you fill out your personal info, including your credit card details) has an added layer of online protection. It runs TLS, which includes SSL 256 bit security certification.

With TLS, only the remaining 4 numbers on your credit card are visible. Your card can still be recognized, but scammers won't be able to hack your account information.

Now, depending on the part of the globe that you subscribe from, is supported by a number of independent billers: CCBill, Epoch, NETBilling, SegPay, VeroTel and Vendo.

Remember, your welcome email will have contained which biller you had signed up through. Irrespective, they all offer 24/7 customer support with international phone numbers, as well as direct links to their respective websites for account queries and billing support.

Your online payments will show under a nondescript name on your card statements, and this helps to keep your spending habits private. Know one need ever know just how badly you've come down with yellow fever.

Odds & Ends

The backstory in brief goes like this. It all started with Filipina Sex Diary back in 2012, and then having realized the immense global potential after tremendous local success, the site was then rebranded and relaunched in 2013 as Asian Sex Diary.

The focus of AsianSexDiary is primarily on how its creator meets these stunning and exotic beauties, before then bedding and banging them, so this website is a fair mix of blog and porn.

Once a member, you'll see the site broken down into: Weekly View, Monthly View, My Conquests and My Trophies sections.

Browsing the site by Weekly View shows what John gets up to each day, with large thumbnails and a brief write up. The Monthly View simply presents the same thumbnails (in smaller versions) spread out on a calendar without any narratives.

Whichever way you choose to navigate the site, it is essentially the same - which is a comprehensive travelogue that not only lists his sexual chance meetings, but also gives overall details about his trip.

Not all of these babes are firsts and a number of them have already met John, appearing on other sites with him - and these scenes are indexed and can be viewed under the My Conquests directory.

To browse the site by babes, head over to the My Trophies section. And as for member extras, check out the directory titled TIOFY (Try It Out For Yourself). Here, advice is dispensed on how to prepare for your very own Asian adventures like John's. You get given full reviews on sites, books, cameras, locales as well as other useful information for sex adventure seekers.

There is even an incentives program called Flightclub, that entitles members to earn 'miles', which can then be used to buy additional content. While there are several ways to achieve miles on the site, you'll score 100 for simply joining ASD, and then 100 more extra for each month you remain a member. This means that you're guaranteed access to a bit of bonus content, even if it's just a flick or two.


I'm really blown away by the approach of this one, and going by what others are saying, so are boat loads of other fans.

What impresses me more than anything, is that AsianSexDiary sets about doing exactly what it professes, and that members are given more than just porn to stream, they are made to feel part of a greater community at large.

Ok, so it's stream only and neither 4K nor VR feature yet. However, these handicaps are easily overlooked considering just how vast its HD collection is already and the lightning-fast pace at which the content is set to grow.

Sign up costs are a tad on the high side, but considering the amount of fun you can have - membership is worth every penny.

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