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Thailand is known for its base action and is an absolute gold mine of Honeys.

Go there for a visit - and at one point you'll most likely end up riding one of its famous auto rickshaws (known as tuk tuks), and a tight bodied Asian babe with but loose morals the next.

You get both in this website, as a guy drives around in his pimped-out tuk tuk and 'hits on & picks up' horny hotties. He then takes them back to his hotel room, so he can fuck them like a champ.

As the God of Porn has always been a favorite of mine for watching Thai porn. It's time for you to find out why.

Prices & Payment Options

  • 1 Year at $9.86/mo - $119.95 total
  • 6 Months at $14.99/mo - $89.95 total
  • 3 Months at $19.98/mo - $59.95 total
  • 1 Month at $19.45/mo - $19.45 total

Listed are the 4 official memberships. Notice that the prices are quoted in USD ($), but in reality could show in your country's currency.

And if you've opted for the 1 Month option at $19.45 - know that from the 2nd month and onward; you are billed $29.95 per every 30 days.

You can use any of the following major credit cards for immediate access: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club and Discover.

There is also the option to use over 100+ brands of gift cards as payment. The full list of accepted gift cards becomes available, once you've created your account and have nominated this payment option.

As a rule of thumb, my advice is to always carefully inspect the payments page (where you fill in your billing details) and confirm exactly what your payment options are, and then choose the one that best suites you.

Quality of Porn

It's not exactly what I'd call mainstream, but the quality of porn is full on! 

You've probably already worked out that TuktukPatrol is yet another site, where the focus is on 'street pick ups' using tuk tuks, rather than vans.

And you would have hit the nail on its head. The cameraman does drive around in one, but the girls aren't always met by chance walking the streets.

Sometimes scenes will open up with the girl already back in the apartment or hotel room. And at other times, we are shown the entire evening's date before he loads them up, and then drives them back to his place where he fools around and fucks them. 

Either way, you are given a super detailed narrative of the lowdown, making it clear how they got there - even if you don't see it in the video. 

The movies are amateur in production and have all been shot hand-held or with the video recorder fixed in one spot. Even better, the cameraman mixes in small talk during the extreme action - bringing a fun and candid flair to his movies.

Types of Porn

Well, unlike AsianSexDiary that follows one man and his sexploits around Asia, Tuktuk Patrol is localized in Thailand and seems to be a team of guys 'cruising the streets' of Bangkok, Pattaya, Chaing Mai and more.

You get to see the finest Thai pussy being sweet-talked, and having the bejesus fucked out of them!

There is a convenient Categories page showing the different kinds of Thai porn that TuktukPatrol promotes. From teen to MILF and everything else in between.

You can expect to see heaps of everything: handjobs/blowjobs, sucking & licking, pussy play, fingering, fucking, doggy-style & missionary, anal sex, facials & creampies.

And a huge amount of POV scenes - who doesn't like to feel like part of the action?

The majority of scenes are 1-on1 movies; the guy and a sexy Thai girl. However, there are also flicks where the action is turned up a notch, and these scenes might feature 2 guys and 1 girl or a guy and 2 girls - which is how I prefer it.

Content & Update Frequency

TuktukPatrol has been hard at work since 2012, and already has itself a modest data bank with some 170+ porn videos.

This is a respectable amount of movies, however updates are not that frequent with just 1 new addition per month.

The scenes themselves each run for around the 30-40 minute mark, but don't be too surprised to come across movies that play for an hour or longer.

Thai Teenager Is The Ultimate Sin is a good example, as this movie is 70 action packed minutes. The leading star Omsin - a petite Thai teen aged just 19, shows the audience how unafraid she is of taking on the stud's BIG white DICK.

To back up the movies, there are some 160+ galleries which house photographs and screengrabs. You'll find a few photo-sets made up of only screenshots. And you will uncover some hi-res photos, but first you'll need to download and save them as individual pics, as online they will look much smaller. Nope, they can't be downloaded in Zip files.

TuktukPatrol is about authentic Thailand vacations, and sex videos of debauched encounters with extremely horny Thai babes. Its content growth is steady and set to grow at a temperate pace.

Video & Image Quality

This site manages user expectations with exceptional video and image quality.

Videos are all streamed through a large embedded Flash player, which works very smoothly.

And for downloads, the latest additions offer Full 1080p HD playback, otherwise everything else runs in 720p. There are also smaller resolutions you can pick from, if you don't happen to have the quickest internet connection speeds.

A stand-out feature about the films, has to be the 'over-sized' scene descriptions which accompany the movie. They're generally pretty funny and go a long way in setting up the forthcoming scene.

Highest download file formats available:

  • MP4 - Full HD (1080p)
  • MP4 - HD (720p)


You have complete peace of mind visiting, as this website is 100% safe and secure.

For starters, this site is HTTPS compliant and then the payment gateway page, is further protected with added layers of internet security.

HTTPS is a set of internet rules which have been designed to protect data. It gets used to protect sensitive information between the site's server and your internet browser, and you'll notice it in day-to-day activities like e-banking or e-shopping order forms.

And then the gateway page (where you actually complete your personal details, including particulars of your credit card) has an extra level of web protection. It runs TLS that includes 256 bit online SSL certification.

Using TLS only the last 4 digits of your credit card ever remain visible. Your card can still be identified, but internet thieves won't be able to scam your account details.

TuktukPatrol is supported by a number of different independent billers namely: CCBill, Epoch, NETBilling, SegPay, VeroTel and Vendo - depending on where in the world you have registered from.

Don't forget, your welcome email will confirm which biller you have registered through. Either way, they all present with 24/7 customer support complete with over-seas phone numbers, as well as quick links to their respective sites for account queries and/or billing support.

Your discretion is important, and in such your payments will reflect under a generic name on your credit card statements. This helps to keep your business personal, and your obsession for Thai pussy private.

Odds & Ends

Out of the gates, the most important thing to know about, is that this site is (as it promises to be) 100% authentic Thai content.

Furthermore and as I've previously laid out, despite this site's age, this collection is a good size and exclusive. The flicks have an honest angle about them, including a fair amount of 'chill-time' before getting down to the business of sex.

And as I've already explained, you can either stream the movies direct or download and save them for your own personal stash.

The homepage loads up easy as pie, with a clean design layout incorporating large preview images. It has intuitive navigation.

You can also choose to browse the scenes by The Patrols or Our Girls.

The Patrols is arranged by most-recent and includes: the movie 'title', show length, number of views as well as how many members have 'liked' the scene. When relevant, video tags are also included - which help when you want to run advanced searches for specific types of porn.

As members, you can rate the scenes yourselves, post comments & save your best films to your own favorites folder. If you have particular fetishes, the Categories sub-directory will be a massive help. It has a number of specified genres including: POV, MILF, Anal, Spinner/Active, Teen (18-21), Cumshots, Skinny/Petite and more.

When you switch it up, and cruise the site by Our Girls - you are redirected to the babes, with 150+ sexy models waiting to be discovered in the member's area. They are all very enticing and want to have long fun, and love you long long-time.


Not quite Thailand done on a shoestring budget, but it does more than very nicely - and for this God of Porn, TuktukPatrol is the #1 site to see Thai chicks getting banged!

A fair amount of content with high definition streams and downloads, and better still - this site just happens to be optimized for mobile.

It would be nice if the updates were more periodic, and I can't wait for movies to become available in 4K. That would make this website 'next-level-shit'.

Hot blowjobs, wild 3somes, raw anal and sticky creampies. You're getting good value with this one; so for exceptional Thai porn - drop anchors here, and sign up.

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  • Infrequent updates
  • No Zip file pics for download
  • No trial period

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