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A filming crew cruises the red-light district of the Philippines in a 3-wheeled motorcycle (trike) with 1 solitary focus. Their mission is to 'meet 'n sweet-talk' sexy Filipina amateurs, before getting them back to their hotel rooms or rented apartments, where the girls then get fucked.

As the God of Porn, is my go-to site for specifically finding & viewing Filipina girls go wild.

You see, women from the Far East are exceptionally skilled, they know how to handle a man's cock, and are well known for shedding inhibitions - performing like natural born starlets in front of the camera.

Prices & Payment Options

  • 1 Year at $9.86/mo - $119.95 total
  • 6 Months at $14.99/mo - $89.95 total
  • 3 Months at $19.98/mo - $59.95 total
  • 1 Month at $19.45/mo - $19.45 total

TrikePatrol provides its fans with 4 different membership options. Note, theses prices are always quoted for in US dollars ($) but on the subscription page, will show in your country's currency dollar equivalent.

And if you've opted for the 1 Month option at $19.45, know that from the 2nd month and going forward - you are charged $29.95 per month.

You can choose from any of the following internationally accepted credit cards for instant access: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club and Discover.

People in the US have the option to use over 100+ brands of pre-paid gift cards to sign up with. The complete list of accepted gift cards will be revealed, only once you have created your site account, and then have nominated 'gift cards' as your preferred method of payment.

When you get to the join page (where you complete your billing details), keep your eyes peeled for a pre-checked cross sale to It's a site with a very similar concept to TrikePatrol, except it focuses on Thailand instead of the Philippines. The deal is 3 day trial period charged at $1.95 in total. After 72 hours, this membership then auto renews at a premium of $29.95 per month.

If you enjoy what you see on TuktukPatrol, we recommend canceling the trial and paying for a proper membership, otherwise you will be charged higher fees in the long run.

Quality of Porn

The quality of porn is so damn good, you can practically taste it.

TrikePatrol is an Asian porn site, where action revolves around 1 central theme; a team of guys who patrol the main streets of Manila in a popular local mode of transport (the trike), looking to score their next fly Filipina pussy.

Some scenes omit the 'fun-3-wheeler', but still serve up some horny guy going the distance with a Philippine babe and her squeaky tight pekpek.

I have traveled to the Philippines and have spent many debauched nights trawling the streets of Manila. The women are absolute stunners. As a tourist, they usually come up to you in pubs and nightclubs - while lurking on street corners outside, some guys try to peddle you all types of illicit substances. It's the real-deal over there.

What I'm trying to say, is that the birds that the Trike Patrol team strike it up with are all home-grown talent, and not porn stars faking the 'amateur' part.

And in spite of the 'gonzo approach' of the filming crew, they've managed to maintain exceptional production values with each of their their final cut, and then released porn scenes.

Types of Porn

The pay line in the site tour video sums up the action short and sweet: 'TrikePatrol - How Filipinas Get Done'.

No promises of luxurious locations, or glitz 'n glamour shots. Just the bare necessities.

The scenes are all very authentic, very real.

In the majority, the men are seen in their trike rolling through the streets somewhere in the Philippines, scoring local maalindog (Tagalog for hot) girls. They aren't that hard to convince, and then get escorted back to local hotel rooms or apartment bedrooms. And after a bit of chit-chat, everyone begins to fool around.

Not every girl is into the extreme stuff but most are, which is super hot and might just give you, a major 'extra-long-time' boner.

What's undeniable, is just how much they love to exhibit their tight, petite bodies as well as to flaunt their sexual prowess.

It's very much in line with other popular Asian porn sites such as AsianSexDiary, except that in these clips: we are introduced to a team of men, who videotape their sexual escapades with real amateurs from the Philippines. They call themselves (most fittingly) the Trike Patrol.

You can expect to see sensual blowjobs, dominant doggy-style fucking, cumshots, creampies, facials and a whole lot more.

Content & Update Frequency

To date, there are 440+ full length xxx Asian videos and furthermore, the content itself is 100% exclusive.

In all likely this number may very well have changed by the time you get to reading this review. However, on the other hand it may have also stayed the same.

You see, TrikePatrol aren't the most prolific or forthcoming with updates. Which is more than OK, when you sit back and admire the amount of work that was surely needed - in creating any one of their original works of porn art.

And besides, the scenes themselves are not time-stamped or dated, which makes trying to track this site chronologically virtually impossible.

So like you, I'm as much in the dark when it comes to knowing exactly when this site updates. But it DOES get new arrival scenes, every now and again.

And the movies themselves mostly play for 30 minutes, but there are also vids much longer. They can run for as long as 1 hour. Look, this site is slow in updates (maybe 1-2 new scenes per month), but it is still an active Asian porn site.

You can bank on approximately 440+ photo albums, on top of the videos and (as to be expected) they add that extra 'wow factor' and make time spent over at TikePatrol even better.

Most of the newer flicks come with high-res professionally shot posed pics, whereas the bulk seems to be a blend of screengrabs and photos.

They can be viewed online, or downloaded & saved as individual images. Regretfully, there is no facility to save them in Zip files.

Video & Image Quality

Putting the 'home-made video' theme aside, they are obviously using sophisticated gear as the films can all be streamed and/or downloaded in high def.

Newer movies can be downloaded in Full HD 1080p, whereas video streams appear to have been capped to HD 720p.

Even the older material is offered in FHD, but to be honest with you - the playbacks just don't look that good.

Highest file formats available:

  • MP4 - 1080p (Download & Save)
  • MP4 - 720p (Stream Only)

Neither 4K nor VR are at present offered, and I'm not sure that this site will head in that direction. But if they did, it would be a magnificent day for TrikePatrol members!


You are totally safe and secure entering the website, as it has very good overall protection using HTTPS. And then the payments page itself has added security with TLS & a 256 bit SSL secure certificate.

HTTPS is the set of internet rules which have been widely accepted for online data protection. It is used to safeguard sensitive data between the website's server and your internet browser. Without you realizing, it gets used in everyday transactions such as e-banking or e-shopping order forms.

And the payments gateway page (where you submit your credit card particulars) is extra protected with a lock (TLS) and a key (SSL security certificate).

Using TLS, only the last 4 numbers of your credit card remain visible. Your card can still be recognized, but internet criminals won't be able to scam your account details.

With regards to customer service, members at are supported through a number of different billers: CCBill, Epoch, NETBilling, SegPay, VeroTel and Vendo - depending on which part of the world you registered from.

Don't forget, in your welcome email your subscription biller is included. Either which way, they all have 24/7 customer support with int'l contact phone numbers plus quick links to each of their websites for billing support and account queries.

Your internet transactions will reflect under a generic name on your card statements, which helps to mask your online activities. Your fascination for Asian porn will be kept as cryptic as fortune cookies.

Odds & Ends

Another porn site, where the focus is on a part of far away Asia - or more specifically the Philippines. This in turn then makes TrikePatrol (without question), the ultimate Pinay site hands down!

Fans congregate over here to catch edgy raw gonzo porn, showcasing a ton of local Filipina talent.

The 'script' is somewhat dated, but still as much loved. Even though this site has been up and running for some time, the latest action continues to present with the same kind of adrenaline-fueled intensity - as was with the site's earlier video releases.

This site gives members a fair amount of usability extras.

The videos all come with lengthy detailed synopsis, which gives the reader an intricate background to the upcoming scene as well as providing info about the Pinay amateur.

Seriously, these write ups read like a trashy fuck-o-fantasy, and (in their own right) are worth every written word!

There is a category menu and a basic search. The content is also all tagged, making it easier to find in quick searches. You can also leave ratings and comments, and you have the ability to track your favorite scenes.

And in the Extras section, you can expand your own knowledge base. You can browse tips and advice, and learn a small glossary of terms, commonly used in the Philippines. If you're a 'first-timer' to this kind of crazy lifestyle, which the site has designated as 'Filipina Pussy Chasing', the glossary will have terms and phrases that get most used during sexual meet-ups.

The tips and advice dispensed, show you how to meet and butter up Filipina honeys, so you can eventually have your way with them. If you were a diligent student, paid attention and succeeded in fucking a foxy Philippine - you can then upload & share your own adventures on the site.


If you've never traveled to the Philippines, then this site will blow your minds; it's the net's #1 passport to watch Manila babes having mad sex!

You're getting a decent amount of videos and they can be streamed and downloaded in high definition. The latest additions (many of them), can all be saved in Full HD - which helps to keep your own personal porn collection high quality.

Petite hot bodied Pinay girls, countless blowjobs, forbidden anal scenes and a whole lotta fucking.

Climb on board with TrikePatrol, this one's ticket is just too hot to pass on.

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  • Irregular updates
  • No bonus sites
  • No Zip file downloads

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